Home Performance Evaluation/Energy Audit

Problem solving.   Comfort.   Safety.   Energy efficiency ….

That is what you get with a Home Performance with Energy Star Evaluation.

Why isn’t it just called an “Energy Audit”?

Your house is made up of integrated systems that work together to provide you a place to call home. There are many different aspects to those systems – all affecting the comfort, safety, durability, and energy efficiency of your home. An evaluation takes all those aspects into consideration and evaluates them in order to ensure a complete and thorough prioritization of potential improvements.

What is the process?

First – call us and set up an appointment! (608) 332-5609.

We come out and first start with a discussion regarding any concerns you have about your home and how it functions. Then – we do what we do best - we observe and evaluate! Read below for descriptions of what we are evaluating and measuring. Lastly, we summarize all our findings and test results in a comprehensive written report. This report includes instructions on how to fix your challenge areas and how make the improvement yourself or we provide a list of qualified area consultants that can do the work for you. The report also prioritizes what improvements will give you the best return on your investment…that way you have a road map of how best to get where you want to be – living comfortably and confidently, in a higher efficiency house!

Rather watch a video for more info?

This 3 minute video explains more about the process and value of an Energy Star Home Performance Evaluation

Don’t have 3 minutes?
Here is a quick explanation of what an evaluation includes.

  1. Blower door
    This test includes a large temporary door with a fan in it that allows us to check the home’s overall leakiness and identifies areas that should be sealed up and made tighter. While insulation helps to save energy – it is first important to make your home as tight as it can be.
    This test is done in conjunction with an…
    Trinity Environmental | Infrared camera scan
  2. Infrared camera scan
    The infrared camera scan is one of the best, most exciting diagnostic tools available to help locate areas of low or missing insulation behind walls. It also is the best way to locate leakage that is occurring in your home.

  3. Insulation check
    All areas of your home are checked for levels of insulation. We then compare this to what the current recommended levels are for our climate and even recommend the best type of insulation to be added. Each area of your home may be best suited to receive different types of insulation.

  4. Trinity Environmental | Comustion safety and effeciency testing
  5. Combustion safety and efficiency testing
    We perform tests to ensure that your furnace/boiler and water heater are properly drafting – meaning that the exhaust from this equipment is appropriately venting out of your house (not back into your home). We also test the level of carbon monoxide produced in the combustion by-products to ensure levels are appropriate. And yes, of course we will let you know how efficient your equipment is compared to current market ranges available.

    Trinity Environmental | Ventilation testing
  6. Ventilation testing
    We test all ventilation equipment to ensure you have the capability to get rid of normal moisture, odor, and cooking particulate loads. How do we do this? With a balometer….this measures the amount of air flowing through the ventilation equipment.
All of our findings are then summarized in a comprehensive written report. The improvements are then prioritized according to the return on your investment. The report includes steps on how to do the improvements yourself – or how a contractor would approach the issue. We also include specifications for a contractor to follow. Specifications are descriptions of the improvements for the contractors while bidding and doing the work.

A second trip back to your home

After you have made your improvements, we will return to re-test the house. We verify that any work that was done – was done well and is complete and effective. We also ensure that cash back reward paperwork is filled out and we send that into Focus on Energy for you! Then sit back and enjoy a job well done….your check from Focus on Energy will usually be sent within 2-4 weeks.

What is the value?

Beyond the actual tests performed and information given….the real VALUE of the service includes….
  • Assurance that we are independent professionals – helping to educate and guide you – so that you can make your own well informed decisions on what you want do and when. Think of it as a second opinion!
  • Your home is your largest investment – relax with the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to take care of it.
  • You get to see and use all that cool testing equipment – think about how great it will be to talk with someone about your blower door and infrared camera experience – you will be the biggest hit at your next social gathering!!
  • Once you have the evaluation – you will always have a home improvement contact – we regularly field calls from past customers.
  • Let’s be honest – maybe it’s just that cash back reward that will do it for you – many customers actually get the cost of the evaluations back in rewards!!
  • The added benefit of knowing you're helping preserve Wisconsin's environment.  Less energy used means fewer environmental effects on our air, water and land….